Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ok, I'm done resting.

I always think it's important to "listen to your body." And, I think I'm better than most at doing this... having said that, I only took 4 weeks off and I felt the urge to start training again. So, I'm done with my winter break and starting my training specific to ultras in 2012.  Right now, I have intentions of running the San Diego 100 in June with a couple shorter events prior.

Week 1: Nov 14-20

Mon: 11 mi: Dry Creek Trail. It only takes 4 weeks to go from feeling great to feeling like crap.
Tues: 5 mi: Eldo canyon hill repeats at AT.
Wed: No run. Stupid schedule

Thurs: I don't remember. I think I slept in.
Fri: 11 mi Dry Creek Trail: Itchy legs! Anyone else have this problem in winter? My legs itch like hell for 4 miles. I rub them with cold water or snow but it's so uncomfortable sometimes, I'm just miserable.

Saturday's Run in S. Boulder

Sat: 13 mi: S. Boulder. Doudy/Mesa. Ahhh. the first run that didn't suck.

Sun: 17 mi: Dry Creek Trail

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