Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ultra Training: Nov 21-27

Miles: 101 mi
Ascent: 14,300'
Summits: Bear Peak x2, Green Mtn

 Monday: 20 mi, 7,000' climbing; S. Boulder, El Dorado Canyon, Mesa Trail, Bear Peak. Enjoyed a solid day on the trails with my buddy Jeremy, "The Experiment." He's a crack up. We had some icy trails on the climb to Bear Mtn, via Fern Canyon. Soon, it will be microspike time. We had great training weather with low 40s and a light wind. A wee bit of snow falling at the summit of Bear. Using some of the pictures and video, I threw this together with an editing app on my iphone:

From Bear north, toward Green Mtn

El Dorado Springs; AKA Rock Climber Heaven

Dry Creek Trail; Boring but convenient!

Tues: 3 mi quicky on Dry Creek. Fortunate to have this groomed trail connect to my neighborhood.

Wed: 14 mi,  Dry Creek. Planned for a longer run but slept in.....sleep is cool too, though. I get frustrated running on these urban trails, however, because I see all these recreational athletes running incorrectly. Most often, way too fast for their fitness. It's OK to jog people!

Thurs: 22 mi; 5,300' climbing.  Sherpa John Sponsored Unofficial Turkey 10k followed by 16+ miles in Boulder foothills. This was a monster loop developed on the fly by Jeremy.  Lots of climbing.....perfect weather.

Ascending Bear from west side

Fri: Rest and veggie juicing

Kurt is on-time and excited, despite the freezing temps
Sat: 32 mi; Dry Creek Trail; Started @ 4am with my buddy Kurt. It was uncomfortably cold...below freezing, with 10-15mph winds. As always, the sunrise lifted my spirits. We ran back and forth between a 7-11 and my house, then arrived at 8am for the Road Runner Westminster 8am training group run...ran with them and then ran some more. I gave Kurt his first 5hr Energy and look what happened:

Kurt, 8 minutes after his first 5hr Energy

Sunday: 10 mi; 2,000' climbing Mesa Trail. Basically, dodging tourists in zone 3 for about an hour and half. No matter how many times I say, "on your left" they just continue walking oblivious to the fly by. I must admit it's kind of fun. This was my first run in my New Balance MT 101s. Love them...just enough protection from rocks but still flexible and lightweight.


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