Saturday, January 26, 2013

Going Vertical in Boulder

I ran pretty hard this week with two mountain runs in Boulder with Ryan. Coming into the weekend, I was already feeling pretty sore.  Regardless, I arrived on time to meet a group organized by Sherpa John in south Boulder. Sherpa designed an intimidating "marathon" over 5 summits in the Boulder Flatirons appropriately named the "Frozen Front Range Marathon". The course offered a generous 18,000ft of elevation change....gulp. So, the group of about 20 (or more) started at just after 7am and we ran to the summit of Sanitas, followed by Flagstaff, then Green Mountain. We took about 10 minutes before heading across the valley to the highest point on our tour...Bear Peak.

We dropped down the very technical trail called Fern Canyon and hit Mesa Trail south to El Dorado for Sherpa's drop zone. We filled up and climbed into El Dorado. I finished with Ryan and Dave, cutting the original course by about 1,000ft of gain. Sherpa charged off the trail, bushwacking to the summit of El Dorado. In all, I came away with 27.5 miles and 8,040ft gain. It was epic from start to finish. Thanks to Sherpa and all the runners for keeping the party going hour after hour! Of course, the photos tell the story better......

Run long and prosper...

Descending Rattle Snake in El Dorado

Getting slightly stupid with Ryan on one of the flatirons

Early in the run with most of the group

Climbing up through El Dorado in the final ascent of the day

On Bear Summit with Ryan (right) and Sherpa (behind)

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