Sunday, January 20, 2013

Everyday Runner: Kaihogyo Update

Summit of Bear Peak in Boulder
On December 8th, I made a commitment to run every day for 100 days. The minimum distance for any given run was 5 miles. Today is January 20th and I've been enjoying the challenge and benefits of being an "everyday runner" since that date. The interesting thing to me is, if you think about the entire 100 can be overwhelming. I've found it calming to just work on each day at a time. This is not unlike a 100 mile aid station at at time.

I've kept in touch with most of my fellow participants through this Kaihogyo challenge:

Mike McElmeel
Sean Wetstine
Wesley Roelke
Laura Wetstine
Keith Flint
Ryan Brazell
Ryan Lassen

I had the opportunity to run with Ryan Lassen, Laura, and Sean. Mike has kept me informed of his continued progress via twitter. I'm trying to check in with everyone more regularly to see how they're coming along.

Mountain Run with Ryan Lassen
Personally, I've really enjoyed the daily challenge of doing my run, regardless of weather. I'll admit, I have enjoyed running on my treadmill during very cold days. But, that yielded some new ideas as well. I've been running faster during my short runs and even doing sessions commonly found on the track. In all, I have had a very beneficial 5 weeks of training.

The consistency has provided daily motivation to get a quality run in before work or other activities. It's funny....when you make a commitment, you can always find the time.

Yesterday, I felt inclined to set-up my Hypoxico tent. Lastnight, I slept deep and comfortable at about 11,000'. I don't intend to sleep in the tent every day for the rest of the year, but I truly enjoy sleeping at altitude and wake up rested and ready to rock.

Wishing you an awesome January!


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