Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ultrarunning Boulder: Mar 25-Apr 1

Totals: Miles: 94 mi
Vert: 14,700 ft
Summits: Green Mtn x2, Flagstaff Mtn, Bear Peak

Notes: The weather is finally cooperating! Had a solid week with lots of climbing. Just a real strong week before starting my one-week taper for the Rockin' K 50 Mile on April 7th. Did long runs with some of my best buddies. Also ran with some new friends. I've been very busy with my new position at Trail and Ultrarunning online. It's a really great website and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Check it out and enjoy some of the ultrarunning articles on gear, training, and races! I'm also working on my coaching program. This is the link to the 1hr Coaching Consultations I am offering. And this is my new coaching email:

My Ninja Team went public this week when offered us our own
 "channel" on their site.
We're in the trail running movie business and the only place you can
 see the ridiculousness of the Ninjas is at

Mon: 30 mi; 5,100 ft vert; Admittedly, I asked my crazy training partner Mark to wear something "happy". He did! Oh man..he did. We ran all day and even took a route through CU Boulder campus. There was a group of freshman prospects getting a campus tour. They had to stop as Mark and I broke through their group with a Bingo flash! The other memory not captured on film? We went into a Whole Foods for some water....the employees saw Mark and were calling security so I walked outside. Some elderly woman started hitting on Mark. She said, "Oh, I'd like to play with that!" Everyone needs a friend as crazy fun as Mark! I have more pics from Monday but I'll just share one because I realize a few people don't want to see any more!

Yes, Mark wore this for a 6hr run

Route for our "Bring the Party" run on Monday

Gregory Canyon

Tues: 13 mi; Dry Creek Trail; Flat, nice weather. Boring.

Thurs: 3 mi; Tempo on Dry Creek

Fri: 14 mi; 3,000 ft vert; Mesa Trail

You gotta try this chcocolate coconut water. So good....
Sat: 19 mi; 5,200 ft vert; Doudy Draw, El Dorado Canyon, Summits of Flagstaff Mtn, Green Mtn, and Bear Peak. Started with the day with my Daily Mile friend "Lara" then headed to Chataqua where Sherpa and I hit it hard. He's a vertical machine!

Bear Summit
South View from Bear Summit
Boulder below, view from Bear summit

Sherpa on the backside of Bear

The goPro didn't get much: Operator Error

Sadly, as I finish this post...word has come by Twitter that Micah True, Caballo Blanco, was found dead this afternoon. He was missing in New Mexico and discovered by a friend deceased. Sad. Very sad. It is quite poignant that he was doing what he loved. RIP Caballo Blanco.

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