Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ultra Training: Feb 13-19


Miles: 79 mi
Vertical: 11,000'

Notes: Posted an interview with Zach Bitter this week on CWT blog. What an incredible athlete! Zach ran a 50 miler in 5:26...the fastest 50 mile in 2011! Check it out if you get a chance. He's a dedicated athlete.....and one to watch.

I'm feeling really strong right base training has been the focus since last August.  Weekly tempo runs have built great efficiency since November.  Right now, I'm climbing with a pretty low heart rate and comfortably running easier miles in the 6-7 min/mile pace. This week marks my first week of 'Tier 2' training. At this point, I'm just turning up the mileage and intensity a bit.

The majority of my training is in the mountains. From this point forward, everything is focused on quality...higher, harder, faster, longer. I have some incredible training partners who push me and want to ride the edge each week. Looking ahead, my key event this year is the Leadville 100 in August. That's 6 months of prep......and so it begins. In preparation, I'm planning several 100k training runs and some 8-10hr sessions. Right now, though, I just look forward to the spring time!

Mon: 25 mi; 3,600' vert; Mesa Trail & Doudy Draw; Ran w/Jeremy and Mark. The popular trails were compacted down but some of the off-shoots were still soft and deep.  We hit the road for 3 miles and picked up the pace for a little bit. Mark and I did some extra miles and cranked up the pace for an hour or so...I was pretty sore when I got home.

Jerry, Jeremy, Mark

Mark on Mesa

Tues: Rest Day. Pretty sore from Monday's run.

Wed: 14 mi; 2,200' vert; Mesa Trail and El Dorado Canyon; The clouds were heavy and cold today. It was extremely hard to roll out of bed. Great run, however.....didn't see anyone else on the trails.

Flatirons w/snow & clouds

Wed was overcast and cold...the world slept in I think.

Thurs: 17 mi; 3,200' vert; Mesa Trail 1.5, (No, we never get tired of running Mesa Trail because it's awesome.) Ran with Mark.....he's a phenom and recently posted a 9th place finish overall at the Denver Marathon.  It's really fun to run with someone that easily matches my pace and climbing ability. We have to stop short of breaking each other down...... we're going for more of an Apollo/Rocky relationship.  And plus, he likes wearing pink shorts, speedos, and other controversial running attire. Mark's quote of the day, "I never let my costume get in the way of my performance. If I show up in pink shorts, you better know I'm gonna win."

Mark's "Power Stance"
Mesa Trail

Fri: 5 mi; Tempo on Treadmill; Ran my weekly tempo run on a treadmill....5:30-7 min/mi.


AM run: 7.5 mi; Roadrunner Sports group run; Flat, moderate effort miles on Dry Creek Trail with Sam of RRS.

PM run: 10 mi; 2,000' vert; Mesa Trail; Running trails on the weekend is always an experience. Dodging dogs, hikers, and oblivious people...I give them every opportunity to move aside but they are either wearing ear phones, talking, or just in their own world. I definitely need to film one of these runs...
Panorama shot of the peaks in Boulder using an iphone app

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