Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ultra Training: Jan 9-15

Miles: 79 mi
Vertical: 5,200'
Notes: Weather challenges this week.  3 weeks out from San Tan 50k.

Mon: 26.2 mi; 2,600' vert; Superior to NCAR and back; Exactly a marathon distance according to my Garmin. Completely unintentional.  I was hoping it was a bit further actually. The outbound trail was perfect and the morning temps had the trails still frozen.  The return was a bit muddy and sections were thick with clay so my feet got pretty heavy.  I enjoy the route because it starts with gentle hills and moves to the more technical sections of Mesa..and finishes with the easier trails again. Just a great route I plan to run many times over. I think including the summits of Green, Bear, and South Boulder Peak would make this an all-out epic route for a future run.

Mesa Trail today
I know. Incredible.

A steep descent near NCAR

Tues: 10 mi; Flatirons Vista; Pretty exhausted today due to an interpersonal conflict.  Sometimes the challenge is not actually the mountain itself, but the people and situations that interfere with a healthy mindset. Tomorrow I will be clear-thinking and renewed.

Wed: 10 mi; Treadmill session due to snow storm.  I've come up with some interesting treadmill workouts. I almost always make them my tempo run. Today, I set the dial at 8:30/mi and blasted Pandora on my iPhone. Mettalica, Coldplay, and Beastie Boys....with every new tune, I turn the treadmill up by 15 sec/mi. Before long, I'm playing air guitar at a sub 6 mi.  During my run, this girl about two treadmills away stepped off and barfed all over the floor. I can't even tell you how disturbed I was. I wanted to run away...and I really tried.

Thurs: 9 mi; 1,800' vert; Mesa Trail; 3-6" snow on ground.  Some large drifts with several feet. The trail was still runnable but pretty slow.  Running in fresh snow is much like soft beach sand...and it takes quite a lot of effort to move along. 

Mesa Trail with Fresh Powder

West to flatirons off Mesa Trail

Fri: 8 mi; Treadmill Tempo; Wind sucks! Seriously...there is nothing more frustrating than 20-30 deg temps and 20 mph wind. In lieu of strong feelings to completely blow off any training...I drove to a local rec center and did some "rolling hills" program on a treadmill. My endurancewife, Jen, came too and she enjoyed training "with" me for once.
Sat: 14 mi; 600' vert; Flatirons Vista/Doudy Draw. Ran with Kurt and Val...both training for Leadville 100.  We started at sunrise and took off west into a bitter cold wind.  The valleys provided protection and we trudged through deep snow drifts.  It's awesome to have people to run with when conditions are difficult like this.

Saturday Sunrise southeast from Boulder, CO
Kurt and Val driving into the wind

Single Track near El Dorado Canyon

Trail blazing an area nobody has touched since the last snowstorm

Sun: 2 mi; Ran 1/2 barefoot and 1/2 w/shoes. I agree with barefooters that running barefoot helps people find correct posture and foot strike. Having said that, I believe new runners dive way too quick into barefoot running and risk really bad injuries.  It would take years to develop the body back to jungle-style barefoot abilities. For now, I'll enjoy the benefits of a mile or two per week when weather permits. I ran this mile barefoot to fulfill a commitment I made to an Australian runner who challenged me to run 1 mi barefoot. Did it mate!

1 barefoot mile
"The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground."

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