Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ultra Training: Mar 12-18


Miles: 77 mi
Notes: All my runs have been high quality as of late. I'm still not getting the higher miles I wanted for this time of year. I blame the weather, in part...and some work obligations. For one reason or another, I've had difficulty finding the time lately to get long runs over 25 miles in one session. In essence, I've chosen to emphasize "quality" over quantity miles and, as such, I have to be satisfied with every mile in training because they have all been on technical mountain trails. I've learned that "quality" is the most important and, with consistent quality effort, results are still quite good. I have a race upcoming on April 7th called, "Rockin K 50 mi". It's not a key event for my year but I plan to come out to play, for sure.

I had incredible feedback from people following last weeks "Weirdest Things Seen While Running". As promised, here is the sequel...."2nd Edition: Weirdest Running Stories" I'm also excited to share that I have started writing a novel that has been in the planning stages for several years. It's called, "Running with Bodhi" and I think it will take me a year or more to complete.  Basically, its an adventure story which incoroprates all my interests, to include ultra endurance running, veganism, Shamanism, and Buddhism. I may share a few paragraphs here and there, but I'll work hard to keep it to myself until I attempt to publish it in 2013. As always, send any questions about endurance nutrition to . I post the answers in the FAQ Endurance Nutrtion link on the right side of the blog. Run long, eat plants!

Mon: 17 mi; 2,500' vert; El Dorado Canyon, Doudy Draw, Old Mesa Trail; Just a perfect day of training with my fellow trail Ninjas. Ran with Jason, Sherpa, Melanie, Sean, and Jeremy. The trails are drying out, the sun was warm, and the conditions were spectacular.

Through El Dorado on Fowler Trail

Thanks to Tokyo Joes for making me "Athlete of the Month"
in their Competitor Magazine ad... the Ninjas and I are enjoying
Tokyo Joes until these freebie cards run out!

Climb out of El Dorado Springs toward Mesa
Tues: 8 mi; Dry Creek Trail; Loving this weather.

Wed: 15 mi; 3,200' vert; El Dorado Canyon; Doudy Draw; I ran with 'Laurie', who approached me for training and coaching. I spent the morning with her running and talking about vegan food. We locked down a great training plan for her first 50 mi later this year.

Cliffs of El Dorado Canyon

Thurs: 15 mi; Mesa Trail; Doudy Draw; My garmin died overnight. So sad....I'm looking at the Garmin 310xt with longer battery life. Need a Garmin sponsorship.

An open-casket service for 'Clayton' my late, great Garmin 305. He died in his sleep
early Wednesday morning.  He was awesome.

Fri: 22 mi; Mesa Trail; Shadow Canyon; S. Boulder Peak, Bear Peak; Had a great day solo on the trails. It was pretty warm, even took an S-cap. Summited Bear Peak and hung out at the top longer than usual because it was just an awesome day to be there. Just loving life...

Bluestem to Mesa Trail; S. Boulder
Wassup?! It is spring yet?

Shadow Canyon to Bear Summit; It's about 2,500 ft vert in 1.25 mi. Love this canyon.
Hi Boulder! (From Bear Peak Summit)

"If I had not some strength of will
I would make a first class drunkard."
-Ernest Shackleton

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