Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ultra Training: Jan 23-29

Miles: 66 mi
Vertical: 7,900'
Notes:  Taper week... kind of...not sure what happened.... Flying out to Arizona in a few days to run the San Tan Scramble 50k. I also wrote an article for "The Running Mike" website called, "Why Ultra?"

Mon: 32 mi; 3,850' vert; Superior to Boulder via Marshall Mesa, Eagle Loop, Mesa Trail to Chatauqua and back through Community Ditch; Excellent weather and dry trails except a few short sections of ice on Mesa. Staged a bag of water/gels at S. Mesa. Just a great day to be on the trail.  On days like this, I have no concept of time.
A section near El Dorado Canyon recovering from a fire several years back

Eagle Loop

This tree caught my eye...growing at an angle from this fossilized prehistoric sea floor

Tues: 10 mi; Dry Creek Trail; The weather continues to cooperate.  Despite some 10-20 mph wind gusts, the conditions are still quite awesomesauce for this time of year. Ran out n' back on Dry Creek.

Dry Creek Trail

"Maverick" the bald eagle takes his perch at about 10:30am

Wed: 2 mi; 500' vert; NCAR, Mesa Trai; Taper run with my 5 year old son, Jalen. Some very strong winds but it was a shorty anyway.

Thurs: 10 mi; N. Table Mesa Golden, CO; 1,000' vert; Excellent winter conditions. Ran with Jeremy and the GoPro camera.

Fri: 2 mi; Dry Creek; I've run every day this year (2012) in cooperation with Sherpa John's "Streak" challenge. I thought it was simply a silly little challenge, but I've begun to see it differently.  In short, the 'streak' requires a minimum of 2 miles per day...and I've come to realize that if I can get myself outside to run 2 miles...then I will find the motivation to run longer regardless of weather. Being on the trail every day, even if just for a few minutes, is time to find peace. It is too easy to become enveloped by the hustle of the urban life. For this reason, I intend to continue running every day.

Sat: 8 mi; 2,300' vert; Sanitas Mtn group training with John and others; In cooperation with a true attempt at having some sort of taper for my upcoming race, I stopped early and headed home. John continued up and over the mountains until sunset. His route ended up with 10,000'+ over 26 miles and 5 mountains in the front range. (Not too shabby for January) 

Sherpa and group atop Sanitas

Summit of Sanitas
Sun: 2 mi; Barefoot w/Jalen; We run out 1 mile, eat chocolate, and run back. What's better than that? I love my kid.

"We can learn something new anytime we believe we can."
-Virginia Satir

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