Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ultra Training: Dec 5-11

Miles: 69 mi
Vertical: 9,500'
Summits: S. Boulder, Bear Peak
Notes: Recovery Week

Mon: 15mi; Treadmill; (Really friggin' cold outside.) I rarely run on the treadmill. I don't hate it...but it's definitely not "running" in the way I think about.  It can be quality training, despite the fact the treadmill automatically turns off after 1hr. How can you get a solid run in one hour? Treadmill engineers are NOT athletes. I was running next to this older lady...and when my 1hr was up, she looked at my treadmill and I turned it back on to run another hour. Like the treadmill police, she started looking around for staff or another runner to rat on me. I was so uncomfortable...I didnt want another confrontation with gym staff like I did one other time in a 24hr fitness because I was "training" and a coach was walking alongside while I was swimming. I got off the treadmill and walked to another open machine, far away from the treadmill police. Having said that, I find some enjoyment in cranking up the treadmill to crazy speeds and running really fast that way, I think it is great training. I might even use that to help build some efficiency and turn-over in the next couple months.

Tue: Holy crap, still so very cold...I took a rest day trying to use the conditions to my advantage.

Wed:  9 mi; Mesa Trail; 2,500' gain; With 6" of snow on the ground it was a challenge to get through some of the drifts. The temps were great though...with 25-30 deg temps. I overdressed and had to stash my outer layer and beanie in the bushes on the outbound.  Took some photos:
Flatirons @ Boulder from Mesa Trail

Mesa Trail "Top 10" Trails in US according to Trail Runner Mag last year
Don't eat yellow snow, but Rasberry flavor is actually pretty good

Thursday: 13 mi; 4,700' vertical; S. Boulder/Bear Peak Summit & Mesa Trail; I started this session with Jeremy but his IT band crapped out and he turned back early. It was pretty chilly...had to keep working to stay warm.  I headed up to S. Boulder via Shadow Canyon. The sun broke through the clouds during the climb. Wore microspikes and needed the summit of S. Boulder, I took a was a glorious day to summit. Headed across saddle to Bear and then back down the west side ridge. The snow was much deeper in this area and I had to really dig in...slowed me down significantly. I was trying hard to convince myself I was running and not preparing to be on, "I Shouldn't Be Alive."

Shadow Canyon Vertical

S. Boulder Peak; 8,500' ish

North East to Boulder from Bear's west side
Bear Canyon
Sat: 32 mi; 3,500' vertical; Ran most of Boulder Backroads Marathon Course & Mesa Trail; I joined Cindy Stonesmith and company at the Boulder Reservoir for an early (8am) training run. The pace was easy and the cold wind was the only issue for me. Somebody said it was 12 deg when we started...I only wore shorts. Eventually, it was warm enough.... After the group run, I shot down to S. Mesa and did a moderately hard pace on Mesa Trail.  This out n back on Mesa was the sweetest run of the week.  I forgot my I thought of how I might describe this run.  Something like...

~Every step a postcard...snow capped evergreens melt above. White powder falls and sparkles softly...peaceful footsteps and beautiful life around....I fly in a world of white perfection~

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