Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ultra Training Dec 19-25

Week Totals:
Miles: 43 mi
Vertical: 4,500'
Notes: Had a scheduled medical procedure done this week, which required several days off...Therefore, it's a recovery week just in time for Christmas! A big snow storm hit us Thursday as well. I'm posting this knowing I'm totally done for the week. Merry Christmas!

El Dorado Springs, CO

Monday: 15 mi; 2,150' vertical; El Dorado Springs Canyon, Doudy Draw, Flatirons Vista. I did this ridiculous training session 24hrs ago at Red Rocks Amphitheatre...I woke up with a pretty banged up body. My lower legs took the brunt of it.... I slept in later and awoke to snowfall. Through El Dorado Canyon I was a beautiful day. Temps in the 20s with light snowfall. The light dusting of fresh snow covered the ice so traction was a challenge. I turned around after the first 5 minutes to get my microspikes. After that, it was all perfect. Just a great run...

Fowler Trail to Eldo Canyon

Fossilized ripples of a prehistoric sea floor...when dinosaurs roamed this same area...

Above El Dorado Springs
Vertical from Fowler Trail looking South

Tues: 18 mi; Dry Creek Trail; Ran a solid clip @ 7:46/mi avg pace and kept the heart rate under 150. A light dusting of snow covered the ground. I could tell I was the first person out there because the trail was completely clear of tracks. This was somewhat strange because it was almost 9:30am. Stanley Lake was the turn-around and as I came up on the lake, the water was so still it looked like glass. It was so clear...I wish my camera had better settings so I could show you the landscape portrait I enjoyed that morning.

Stanley Lake
Wed: 10 mi; 2,100' vert; Mesa Trail to Malory Cave Trail; The weatherman says 6-12" snow is enroute, so I knew I had to sacrifice some sleep to get on the trail. It was an even mix of mud, snow, and ice. After the storm, it will improve and lay some fresh powder down to help with traction.

From Malory Cave Trail looking east over S. Boulder

Mesa Trail @ Bluestem

"Flatirons" up close

Mesa Trail
Thurs-Sun: Cashed in early this week due to some scheduled medical stuff and a huge snow storm. I'm looking out the window at 6" snow and it continues to fall.  We took this photo a few weeks ago but Jen wouldn't let me post it because the family hadn't received their cards yet.....but now I can! Wherever you are, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas weekend.

Merry Christmas from Colorado! (San Diego Transplants)

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