Monday, July 11, 2011

Lactate Threshold Testing

I've been self-coaching myself for many years.  This year, my goals were to begin 'racing' ultras so I decided to consider some new things to help me do that.  Among those things I considered was lactate threshold testing and accurate assessment of my heart rate training zones.  I contacted Cindy Stonesmith of UltrarunnerTraining. We met and discussed my training and goals for this year.  We set up a date and met for a lactate threshold test.  Today, I did the test on a treadmill with Cindy standing alongside with a very sharp lancet device!

Actually, it wasn't that bad...

 The test took about an hour and Cindy examined all the information, providing me with some analysis for which to use the information from the test.  Included, was specific heart rate zones for which to train and the lactate threshold heart rate of "185", which is where my body started reaching it's limit of endurance.

1/2 ass picture of a sweet chart Cindy provided me after the test
Anyway...The test identified some specific numbers at which my lactate increased dramatically. Below 158 bpm,  I was really comfortable...and I train in that zone for 15-20 hours/week.  She identified the area between 158-180 as the zone I could use some work in. So, I'll do some training in this higher HR zone once/week

It was great to get some hard data to work with. I'm not posting everything I learned....nor all the cool stuff I learned about my body and fitness level. If you want that type of stuff, you'll have to contact Cindy yourself! Visit her and a very sweet website called UltrarunnerTraining !

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