Monday, June 27, 2011

Epic Training Week

Resting HR: 43
Weight: 144

Circumstances are well in favor of making this a, "Week of Epic." I write this from my camper at the mouth of Rocky Mountain National Forest. While it's still a work week...I get to run up here for a couple days before heading back down to the Boulder area.

turn-around point when trail went to crap
 MONDAY: 19 mi: Killer technical trail running in a remote section of Rocky Mountain National Forest. Ran North Fork Trail toward "Lost Lake"...snow packed near the tree line, I found myself post-holing and eventually turning around. The weather varied from hot/humid, to cold, to warm rain, to thunder/lightning, to frozen rain. Enroute back to the trail head, I came across a moose and her baby...she stared at me in distrust. I was only 10yds from her. I took a picture but it only showed part of her. The video is better, but nothing beats real life! Epic Run #1....Lost Trail @ RMNP.

Waterfall along North Fork Trail;
(To enjoy something like this alone
 in the wilderness is so awesome)

North Fork Trail; Rocky Mountain National Park

TUESDAY: 12 mi; 3,200' climbing @ 8-9,000'; Lumpy Ridge Loop; Estes Park/RMNP; The first mile of this run is so entertaining to me...especially if you are there on a weekend. The first mile is a steady +15-20% grade to a small lake and every tourist finds this hike on their info guide. So, I run this first mile, passing about 30 hikers who are undoubtedly from sea level. They are bent over at the waist, trying to breathe...resting on rocks, etc.. And then I come by running up the hill, calmly saying "Good morning.." The reaction is mixed...some are in disbelief, others are woman said, "Seriously?!" No matter how tired I am, I always acknowledge others on the trail...I wish they would do the same in return.

WEDNESDAY: 0 mi; Sick in my belly! I blame a veggie burrito from 'Baja Fresh' (not so fresh..) on Tuesday evening for making me feel like absolute crap for 15 hours. My gut didn't clear the violation until about 8pm. Hence, no running... I tried to complete a write-up on Antarctic Mike for Conversations with the Trail but our connection fell through so I have that interview ready for posting other than a few final edits.

THURSDAY: 12 mi; flat; Dry Creek Trail. Extremely hot and glad to be feeling better.

Spiz Recovery; my secret weapon
 FRIDAY: 13.5 mi; 3,250' climbing; Mesa Trail, Boulder.
I often run from S. Mesa to Chautauqua park and refill my bottle
at the ranger station....then head back to S. Mesa. This way, I only
have to carry 1 bottle and a little food.

SATURDAY: 16 mi; Mt. Evans: 14,264'. Capping off my week of epic, I ran to the summit of Mt. Evans. I surprised myself by running every step and maintaining a 8-10min/mile throughout. Not sure when I stopped having trouble at this altitude. My buddy, Eric, paced me from a mountain bike and car...providing water and food as necessary. It was awesome having him there to support me and allow me to run without a heavy pack...Thanks Eric! Here are some photos:

Mt Evans; From 12,000' looking east

@ 12,500' looking down at lake below

Refilling bottle @ 13,200'

Summit Pic; I even leaned at the waist for visual effect. Epic day.


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